Walking Groups



Hello!  The Five Banana Walkers are a group who meet on a Friday morning throughout the year.  We walk anywhere in Cornwall so are constantly able to explore new routes as well as revisit old favourites.  The walks can be anything between four or six miles, but we expect people to be fit enough to go a bit further if plans go a little pear-shaped.  This doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we find paths have been blocked or on one occasion had been built over!

All members  of the group take turns in leading the walks which means we have a very varied programme, some favouring coastal paths and some favouring areas with historical interest. Within the group we have people with knowledge of birds, plants, industrial heritage and one person able to translate  Cornish place names to us, so there  is always something new to be learned as well as the joy of just walking in such a beautiful county.

We start walking at 10.15 a.m. and stop for a ‘banana break’ about half way.  After the walk some of us will repair to a local pub or cafe, but this is not part of the walk and purely an optional extra, but all are welcome.  A word of caution – we do not take dogs or children with us!  Details of each walk are sent out about five days in advance and people are asked to ‘book in’ if they plan to join us.

We are a very friendly group who just enjoy being out and about, chatting socially, making new friendships and exploring the countryside.  And why FIVE BANANAS?   To find the answer to that you will need to come along and join in.

Contact me:   Rosalind Smith. 01872 865767 or email:  vmandrsmith@outlook.com

We look forward to seeing you.







We have been called the Ramblers for several years but we could also be called The Amblers. We go at a leisurely pace, stopping to take photos, admire the view, examine a butterfly or an orchid, assist a caterpillar to a place of safety, learn the meaning of a Cornish place name etc. or simply take a breather. We always have a short stop halfway to have some refreshment.Consequently we can accommodate those who may have a dodgy hip, a troubling knee or a dicky heart as long as they feel able to go the distance, which is usually around 4 miles, (two to two and a half hours) mostly circular walks but occasionally linear there and back.For us it’s as much about being out in the fresh air in congenial company as it is about exercise. And it’s about the lunches afterwards( or occasionally during).Most of us go for lunch together afterwards to a pub or a cafe or for a takeaway depending on the location. Not everyone is able to do that but it’s an option that’s available if you want it.

When covid came along we had to limit the size of the group. It has grown since then but we felt we needed to put a limit on its size to make it manageable, and in view of the fact that we enjoy eating together. We have a short waiting list but as we are mostly very regular walkers spaces don’t come up very often. Why not start your own group. It’s a lovely way to enjoy our county and make friends. 


Estuary of the River Cober