Dancing -
Rock n Roll, Social Dancing, Line Dancing, Cornish Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing.

Rock n Roll


Wednesdays  7-9pm at Carnon Downs Village Hall.

Social Dancing

An afternoon of fun and exercise for the body and mind – this is what you’ll find with the Social Dancing group each Monday at the Perranwell Centre, where you can meet a very friendly bunch of people.
The session begins promptly at 1:30pm with a dance lesson until 2pm. Then there is general dancing until 4pm, with a short break for tea and biscuits.
The dance programme is a 50/50 split between modern sequence dancing and traditional ballroom & latin. We also include some line dancing alongside some of the other dances.
All ages and abilities are welcome – we were all beginners once, so don’t be scared to come and have a go!

Alyson Cowlishaw 07707280801


Line Dancing

LINE DANCING Ord Statter Pavillion, Mylor Bridge John Bishop 01872 862949


Cornish Dancing

Dons Kernewek

Cornish Dancing We meet on a Thursday afternoon at Bosvale Community Centre, Hillside Road, Falmouth. Dancing is from 2.30-4.30 p.m. with a break, of course, for a cup of tea. Cornish dancing is made up of a wide variety of dances. There are Furry Dances such as Helston Furry, which are processional dances, usually performed in the street;  Country Dances such as Cornish Squire and Cornish Knight; Scoot Dances such as Tin Stamps, and Ceilidh Dances such as Cornish Express and Dons Fenten. You do not need a partner to come to our sessions. You will find we are a very friendly group, and a warm welcome is assured. Sue Prout 07917341057

Scottish Country Dancing

Our Scottish Country Dance group is flourishing with some new members recently joining us to learn the different formations and rhythms of this sociable expression of dance. We are also learning that this type of dancing is popular all over the world although it had its origins in Scotland from over 250 years ago. There is plenty of room for additional members to come and join in the fun and you would be most welcome to try out our friendly group. No special clothing is required but soft shoes are recommended. Stiletto heels are not allowed in Ponsanooth Hall on their beautiful floor.

U3A Scottish Country Dancing New Season 27th September 2023

After a Summer of beaches, visitors and holidays, despite the mixed weather, our group are looking forward to a new season of learning and practising the steps and numerous dances devised in the Scottish Country Dancing tradition. Some of these dances originate as far back as the 18th Century while others have only been written recently. The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1923 to gather together the ancient manuscripts and tunes of Scottish country dances and to standardise the steps and formations used in performing them. We have been celebrating our centenary this year in 2023. Today there are members of the society all over the world and flourishing Scottish country dance groups. While working in Kenya in the 1970’s, I belonged to a Scottish dance club in Nairobi with 100 members. Training of new teachers and musicians takes place at St. Andrews Summer School where there is an annual international gathering of dancers with daily classes and a chance to meet other dancers from around the world. Trainers also travel to other countries to train new teachers.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, weekly classes were held online, led by teachers from different countries including Japan, Australia, Canada, United States of America, England and Scotland. Dancing in our sitting rooms or kitchens with a ‘ghost’ partner was not ideal but it kept our muscles and brains exercised and most of all kept us connected.

I look forward to welcoming back the faithful members of our U3A Scottish Country Dance group to Ponsanooth Hall on Wednesday 27th September 2023, 9.30 to 11.30am and hope that many other U3A members will come to join in the fun. We have a lot of laughs along the way as we try to remember the formations and even knowing which is our right or left hand!

Dates for your diary: 27th September, 4th & 18th October, 1st,8th,15th,22nd,29th November, 6th, 13th December.

Do come and join in the fun.

Polly Barton


 Polly Barton 01872 864779