At the Truro meeting on September 26th, Len Sheppard gave us a very good illustrated talk about Cornish Rotten Boroughs. There were a great many of them, but a lot were abolished by the Great Reform Act of 1832. Len paid tribute to the Tremough students who had helped him with his research into this subject

David Pollard
David Pollard


At our Truro Meeting meeting on June 27th, David Pollard gave a most interesting illustrated talk about R. J. Mitchell and aircraft development during the 1920s and 1930s. He told us about some of the early flying boats and the Schneider cup races. He then went on to talk about the development of the Spitfire, but did not discuss the role of the Spitfire in the Battle of Britain. He is coming back the the Truro meeting on October 24th to complete the story about the plane's wartime exploits.

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