Travellers' Tales



We meet at the Kea Community Centre on the 4th Thursday in the month at 10am for a 10.30 start and talks are usually for an hour.  (We may in future have to adjust the start and finish time to fit with the bus schedules from both Truro and Falmouth.)  The group take a break from the monthly talks in August and December but also unfortunately this year there will also be no talk in March as it clashes with another U3A function at the Centre. 
The dates of talks this year are 22nd February, 26th April, 24th May, 28th June, 26th July, 27th September, 25th October and the 22nd November.

 Andrina and John Cossey gave an excellent talk in February about the Western Pacific leg of their round the world voyage in their yacht “Sara”.  This talk covered Fiji, the Vanuatu Islands, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.  Andrina and John gave a very unique perspective of the places they visited since they were not mere tourists.  For a start they were intrepid sailors and able to get to places on these enchanting islands that few others, even other sailors rarely visited.  On many occasions locals in their native craft would come alongside and be invited aboard for a meal or to trade.  They had taken goods to trade such as tee shirts and food stuffs and swapped these for vegetables and fruit and once even for part of a wild pig and a scrub hen’s egg (neither of which proved to be edible).  The locals in turn invited them to their homes and villages and to festivities.  They learned much about local languages and customs.  They tasted unusual foods and drinks including a non-intoxicating drink called Kava made from crushed pepper plants strained through a sock and Andrina said it tasted accordingly.  Though supposedly non intoxicating Kava induced a feeling of wellbeing and numbed the tongue.  Andrina included two photos of her really beautiful water colour paintings of places visited.  I have already booked them to come back next year to give a talk about another part of their voyage.
Pam Cox’s talk on the 26th April is entitled 'Spitsbergen - Realm of the Polar Bear'


In June 2017 Pam Cox took a 10 day wildlife voyage around the island of Spitsbergen in the high Arctic. She will show us some of the amazing birds and animals spotted on land and at sea in this hostile environment, along with the fantastic scenery including pack ice, glaciers and ice bergs.

Just a reminder, we now meet at Kea Community Centre Playing Place on the 4th Thursday each month (excluding March, August and December) the Centre will be open from 9.30am and the talks commence at 10.30.  Come early and have a cup of tea or coffee and chat with members of the group. New members are always welcome and it was heartening to see so many new members at the February meeting.  There is ample car parking at the rear of the Centre and the Playing Place bus stop is close.

Please remember I’m always looking for speakers so if you have lived, worked or travelled to somewhere interesting (UK and Europe, not just exotic distant locations) and are willing to give a short talk please contact me.

Group Leader Jon Skelton Phone 01872 865316   Email 123.skelton@talktalk.net





Richard Allen Groups coordinator