Our November meeting was held on Monday 11th November at the Driftwood Spars Hotel, St Agnes. As usual several members had lunch, tea coffee etc. beforehand.
The subject of the talk was the planet Mercury. After discussing the orbit, phases, and retrograde motion of Mercury. We looked at the current understanding of the physical properties and geology gleaned from the two missions to Mercury, Mariner 10 (1970's) and Messenger (2011-2015). Two short videos on the BepiColombo mission, due to reach Mercury in 2025, gave us an insight into the mission's objectives.
The talk was followed by an interesting a wide-ranging discussion.
For our next meeting on December 9th , we have a guest speaker.
Malcolm Clark will give us an illustrated talk on his trip to Chile/Argentina to see the 2019 July 2nd eclipse. This promises to be a very interesting meeting.
The venue as usual will be the Driftwood Spars Hotel at 2pm.

Bob Williams 01326 219334



Please note that the time and day of the meetings for 2018 has been changed to 10:30 on the second Thursday of month at the Victoria Inn, Threemilestone Coffee is available from 10.00 am.

The Vic are offering us a special morning snack deal. A croissant + coffee for £4:00 or bacon bap + coffee for £5:00. Also if you are planning to have lunch and/or attending the quiz later, then reserve a table in advance on 01872 278313 and mention that you are with the science or quiz group. 

At our next meeting Dr John Hyslop  will be talking on “Where’s UK Radiology in World Medicine Today?” 
Dr Hyslop worked at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske for over 30 years in radiology.  His Cornwall career began alongside the first CT scanner in the county. Through his career and training there has been technological transformation with marked innovation across imaging and x-ray digital image management. His lecture will touch on the pace of change and scope within clinical imaging with a glimpse into the future. Clinical imaging has become essential in reaching clinical diagnosis for many conditions particularly in the acute illness sector of hospital medicine.
His talk is likely to be thought provoking as he was also a BMA representative for Cornwall and has been fairly critical of the policies of several Health Ministers.  We might hear about the significant shortage of consultant radiologists in the NHS, which is impacting on patient care.
Don’t forget that if you are eating after the meeting, advise contacting the Vic on 01872 278313 in advance and book a table mentioning that you are with the science group.
Please note there is no science meeting in December. 
Roy Fisher and Phil Carson


Roy Fisher  01872 270528


We’re a small group, limited to ten members, who meet on the first Wednesday of every month, to discuss and try to understand how and why we respond intuitively at first to our ever-changing environmental experiences all the time.  The intuitive mind's 'the gift' and the rational mind 'the servant', yet society now seems inclined to 'honour the servant and forget the gift.'
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For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and locations

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