Our next Astronomy group meeting is Monday 8th January at 2:00 pm at the Driftwood Spars Hotel, Trevaunance cove, St Agnes.

We plan to look at the many fortuitous circumstances that influenced the evolution of mankind and how this might bear on the probability of intelligent life evolving elsewhere in the galaxy.

Do join us.

John Baldock
(, 01872 554241)


Please note that the time and day of the meetings for 2018 has been changed to 10:45 on the second Thursday of month at the Conservative Club, Lemon Street, Truro. Coffee is available from 10.00 am. There will be no meeting in January.
On 8th February 2018  Roy Fisher will give a talk on” Heart Disease and the French Paradox” Since the late 1980s epidemiologists noticed a fourfold difference in mortality between the UK and France, yet the French eat much more saturated fat than us!  How do we explain this? I intend to make this an interactive session.
In November we had a most interesting and informative talk by Martin Smith on how by artificially manipulating the period of daylight and controlling temperature, the production of chrysanthemums is achieved all year round. Also the quality and yield of tomatoes has been enhanced by breeding for increased disease resistance.  Soil sterilisation is expensive and lead to the development of Grow Bags. A lot of commercial tomatoes are now grown using hydroponics. This was introduced in the 1980s and involves tomato plants being placed in an inert growing medium (perlite) and a balanced nutrient solution is delivered to the roots in a highly soluble form resulting in a more efficient uptake of food compared to soil.
We are looking for more speakers in 2018 on any science topic. Please contact me if you would like to give a talk.
Roy Fisher  01872 270528



For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and locations

Richard Allen Groups coordinator