Shared Learning Project:

When she came to visit us recently, our South West Regional Trustee, Marion Clements, suggested that we might become involved with a "Shared Learning Project".

Three of our members are now helping create a digital catalogue for the Royal Cornwall Museum's Courtney Library, and a couple of other members are hoping to start there soon. The library has a fine collection of Cornish documents and books, and is used by people researching into Cornish History. The catalogue should be a great help to them.



Reading Group - Falmouth:

Book Group Falmouth.
We now meet at Falmouth Library at 10.15am on the 4th Wednesday of the month and would welcome a couple of new members. Our books are chosen by us  from the library catalogue and cover a wide range of subjects.
We have read  ‘Half a Yellow Sun’ by Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi and covered the conflict between Nigeria and Biafra in the 1960’s. It was quite a challenge; most of us remembered the starving children shown on TV. The book was written from the Biafran point of view and proved to be very interesting. Their flag depicted.Half a Yellow Sun.

We read Sidetracked by Henning Mankell. This is about Wallender, the Swedish detective. As with all books that some people loved and others did not, there was much discussion. It cannot truly be said to be a "who done it" because it is told from the perspective of both cop and criminal. We gave it an average score of 7.

We read A Widow for One Year by John Irving. That created a great deal of discussion with several members disliking it so much that they gave it 0! Ohters gave it 6 but an average is pointless! It certainly provided plenty of discussion and the the suggestion that A Prayer for Owen Meany also by John Irving, is a much better read.

We read "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. This was met with a lukewarm response from most members. Many of us having read it before, we were perhaps more cynical about the author's intention than we were before. We thought that if the author had not had an advance from her publisher's, the novel might have had more edge. We did however think she is a good travel writer and would look for more of her non-fiction books. We gave it an verage of 5 which ranged from 2 to !

"Disgrace" by J. M. Coetzee caused a great deal of discussion. Amongst those who were reading it for the second time, it received most praise, as on the second read you can realise that this was a well deserved Booker prize winner.
Shirley Clark
01326 218484

Reading Group 2

Meets on first Monday of the month, 14.00 at the Cathedral cafe, Truro                Contact: Wendy Morris            01326 378862

Creative Writing


It is not long now to the beginning of September, when the 12th Barbara Scammell writing competition will be open to all members of Carrick U3A.
Subject matter can be about anything that inspires you. It can be something purely fictitious or something based on a real-life experience.
We all have many stories within us and writing is very therapeutic. I urge you to take part, whether or not you have participated in the past. I am sure you will enjoy the whole process, not least seeing your work in print as a part of the booklet of entries, and I’m certain that you will enjoy the prize giving party, which this year will be on 7th December.
It is important that you read the rules carefully before starting to write.
1. There are three categories: Poetry, Fiction and Non-fiction, and each Member of U3A Carrick can submit up to two Poetry and two Fiction/Non-fiction entries. There is no entry charge.
2. Fiction and Non-fiction entries must be no more than 1000 words and Poetry entries no more than 40 lines, excluding the title and word/line count. Entries may be on any subject, must be the member’s own work, and should not have been previously published.
3. Entries can only be accepted by email. Send your entries to
They must arrive between 1st and 30th September, inclusive. If you don't have access to email, ask a fellow member, friend or family to help.
4. Images are not accepted.
5. Entries should be sent as attachments to your email using Microsoft Word, Open Office or plain text formats. Your name should not appear in the attachments since the judges will read anonymous entries.
6. THE JUDGES THIS YEAR HAVE ASKED FOR THE WORK TO HAVE DOUBLE SPACING - ie - one line space between each line.
7. The body of your email needs to contain your name, address and telephone number, and the title of each entry submitted, with the word count (Fiction/Non-fiction) or line count (Poetry).
8. You are advised to check your work very carefully before submission and preferably to get someone else to read it through. No amendments are accepted after submission unless the entry has been rejected, e.g. for being too long or submitted too early.
9. All entries may be published by the organisers in connection with the competition, e.g. read out or distributed in a booklet/newsletter. Authors retain copyright apart from this.
10. The work will be judged by independent judges whose decisions shall be final.
If you have any queries please contact Mike Robson 01872 863085 / 07831 238402

Creative Writing - Falmouth:

Due to failing health, Di Coffey, our leader of Falmouth Creative Writers' Group has stood down and passed the group leadership to Mike Robson.  

We meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the residents' lounge at Bay Court, Cliff Road, Falmouth.  Our meetings are always relaxed and often jolly occasions and our aim is to encourage our members to write - fact, fiction, poetry - rather than nit-pick syntax and the occasional spelling mistake.

If you would like to join us, Mike Robson is the person to contact on 01872 863 085


Poetry - Truro:

The meetings take place at Val Davidson's home at 10.30am on a Friday about once a month. For more information contact Val at (01872) 247546.

At our July meeting the  Poetry Ground broke new ground with readings from the poetry of Benjamin Zephhaniah and Lemn Sissay.

At our next meeting in September, the poet will be Walter De La Mare. New members would be welcome.

George Taplin     01872 260007.



Poetry group Falmouth.

We meet monthly in group members homes. Our last choice of poet was Maya Angelou, such a life story and perceptive poems. Poetry Falmouth

Our last meeting introduced us to Cornish poet Sylvia Kantaris who was new to us and very illuminating.The next meeting is on Thursday 21st February at 2p.m. in a members home
The selected poet is the American ,Karl Sandberg .
New members to the group are welcome, just contact me or details,

Bren Button      07931235633 or 01326 376832


Reading 1 - Truro:

Owzat! 100 and not out!

Ours was the first reading group in U3A Carrick, which started in 2004 and in April we shall be reading and discussing our 100th book. Quite an achievement! Apart from me, only two of our founding members are still there,


Molly has generously hosted our meetings each month from the very beginning – an equally impressive achievement and one for which all members, past and present, are grateful. Most members stay years so turnover is infrequent, but at present we would welcome two more: see below how to contact me if you are interested.


We meet on the last Wednesday of every month from 2.00 -4.00 pm; in December each member chooses one book for our yearly reading list: the variety of choice leads to some lively, and always interesting, discussions!

Click here to open our Reading List of 100 Titles!

This will open a Word file, listing our books read from 2004 to 2013!

Thank you to all those who have contributed to our meetings to date – and long may they continue.
Nancy Kinnison (01872) 222326


Reading 2 - Truro:

The group is led by Wendy Morris, email third Monday at 2.00pm. Contact Wendy for any further information and location.



Would you like to try another group to start the New Year? Why not come and join the playreading group. We enjoy an afternoon reading a variety of plays, comedy, serious, classic or like the one we read today, The Woman in Black, chilling.You don't have to be Dame Judi Dench or Sir John Gielgud to belong to the group, we just have fun reading. One week you may be playing a young girl or an old man or maybe even both if the play has a large cast. We meet at Mark and Chris Breach's house on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 2pm till we've read the play usually 4 to 5pm. Our numbers fluctuate but we have room for a few more. Refreshments provided.


Chris Breach <>




For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and location

Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator