On 26 September Brian Halsey gave a very well-explained video of his own of photo stacking using Photoshop. It involves taking multiple shots changing focus from front to back until the background is reached. Photoshop is then used to collate them so that everything in the picture is in sharp focus. Following coffee time we had a macro session with items we had brought in.
On 10 October  Adrian Rowlands gave us a great talk on depth of field. Close zoom shortens depth of field and far zoom gives a long depth of field. He showed us lots of images with all the settings shown which illustrated how changing the aperture, speed, ISO and zoom affected the depth of field.
Adrian is to take over as leader of the group from January with, Brian, Terry and David assisting. He is arranging a portrait session for the next year’s programme and a session of members’ slideshows for discussion. Any other ideas for future sessions should be sent to him.
Chris Breach  (01872 862063)
Adrian Rowlands  (01872 279334)


autumn fruit
Photo by : Ann Hammett


Chris Breach  01872 862063

It is now time to think about the annual photography competition which is open to all U3A members not just those in the photography group. The subject this year is Cornish Coast and the photos must have been taken in 2017 and be submitted in September. Full rules are on the website.

The Photography Group normally meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month from 9:30am to 11.30am in the New Hall at Carnon Downs Village Hall. 50p is charged for tea, coffee and biscuit, and any profit made is spent on speakers and models. New members are always welcome, regardless of your level of expertise or equipment. You only need to be interested in taking better pictures and seeing what others have done.





View all summer field trip

Up to 8 on memory stick

and 3 hard copies


Macro Session Hands on.

Bring small objects to photograph and cameras and Tripods if you need them.


Treasure hunt around CDVH grounds. Photograph Alphabetical shapes from trees, shrubs and flowers

Camera needed


Talk by Adrian on DEPTH of FIELD

Bring cameras, may be time to practise depth of field.


Short talk about setting camera
for Action photography, followed by practical session with people walking, bouncing balls and anything you can think of.

Cameras obviously needed, and moving objects you may have,
like child toys.


Bring photographs of you as a child under 5. Let others guess who it is.

Photographs of yourself as a child under 5.


Competition results and presentation. Judge is David Chapman. After the presentation David is going to give a talk on wildlife photography

Just bring yourselves, a reminder to all that we normally
go to pub after meeting for a Christmas drink and lunch if you want to. First drink paid for by group funds.

Break. First meeting in 2018
will be January 9th .










Carrick U3A Annual Photography Competition 2017
The subject for 2017 is    The Cornish Coast
Please read the rules below before submitting your entries.
Entries must be submitted by 30th September 2017
All photographs must be taken in 2017
The event co-ordinator is Adrian Rowlands 
Tel 01872279334    email
All digital entries to be submitted on a labelled memory stick together with any prints to any U3A photography club meeting at Carnon Downs during September 2017
Competition Rules

  1. All members of Carrick U3A are eligible to enter the competition
  2. This is a digital image competition
  3. All digital images must fit within a frame 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high
  4. Entries must be submitted as a jpg format file and renamed with the entrant’s U3A membership number and the title of the image only – no name.
  5. Members may submit up to 3 digital images on a labelled memory stick – no name
  6. These may be supported by prints (A4 maximum, unmounted) if wished for display purposes on the day of the presentation of awards. Membership number (no name) and title of image should be written on the back right hand corner of the prints.
  7. It is important that you do not put your name on the entries to ensure anonymity
  8. All entries must be your own work
  9. All images must have been taken in the current year
  10. An experienced local judge will be invited to judge the competition and comment on the images entered

This year the judging presentation will take place at Carnon Downs Village Hall on Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 9.30am and the judge will be David Chapman
Robyn Hall (01872) 241404
Check out our Google Calendar - Use the tab on our Home Page to check dates, times and locations!
Richard Allen Groups coordinator