The group continues to meet at Carnon Downs hall twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month January to November and the 2nd Tuesday in December at 09.30 for a couple of hours with a refreshment break in the middle.
Our numbers are slowly growing as more of our regular members feel confident to return to meeting outside again. We have also gained some new members who have seen the pictures included in the newsletter. Regular emails are sent out to a number of present and past members of the group which has helped us all to share this wonderful hobby we enjoy.
Our 2022 programme is being put together with a mixture of instruction and encouragement to improve our photographic skills. We try to see as many of our members pictures during the year which should be the prime objective of a photo group.
We have a monthly subject throughout the year to encourage active members to take pictures they would normally not think about.
Although we have a programme some meetings change when a member asks a question and we all discuss possible answers.
New members are welcome any time at the hall.

These are a selection of pictures taken during 2021 by our members.
competion 1Competiion2Competiion3Competiion4













Adrian Rowlands   adrian.rowlands3@gmail.com  (01872 279334)






Monthly subject mornings
Members to bring a maximum of 10 digital images of the set subject.
These will be shown in the second half of the mornings presentation.
To save time on the morning of the meeting images can also be sent by Dropbox or email to    adrian.rowlands3@gmail.com

Field Trips
All field trips are attended at members own risk.
When we visit local attractions they will have carried out their own risk assessments and you are advised to note their recomendations and act accordingly.
On other field trips to the Cornish countryside most of us are aware of trip dangers and uneven ground and the need to wear suitable footwear and clothes to suit the conditions.
Be sensible and safe. Take only photographs and leave only footprints.










Check out our Google Calendar - Use the tab on our Home Page to check dates, times and locations!
Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator