The Photography Group normally meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month from 9:30am to 11.30am in the New Hall at Carnon Downs Village Hall. 50p is charged for tea, coffee and biscuit, and any profit made is spent on speakers and models. New members are always welcome, regardless of your level of expertise or equipment. You only need to be interested in taking better pictures and seeing what others have done.
Adrian Rowlands  (01872 279334)

The presentation of the 2019 photography competition is on 10th December at Carnon Downs Village Hall in the new hall beginning at 9.30am. Click here for the rules for the 2020 competition.


First prize
Ist Prize King Arthur Marion Purvis
the hurlers
2nd Prize The Hurlers Chris Breach

3rd Jan Tregeagle sanctuary at Roche Rock-Chris Breach



U3A Photography Programme 2019






10th Dec

Guest Speaker

Annual competition results followed by a presentation from the judge

Christmas lunch







14th Jan

Member Morning

Your Christmas pictures

Images taken over Christmas on a memory stick


28th Jan

Instruction Morning

Questions and Answers

Free for all forum. Ask questions about any aspect of photography


On 13th Adrian brought in a selection of his large collection of old cameras from very basic box Brownies, cassette cameras through to digital and including a couple of intriguing advertising cameras, one a Carlsberg can, the other a Smarties tube,
We had intended taking portraits outside but the weather foiled us. After the break we saw sets of photos including the eclipse of 1999, or rather people waiting to see the eclipse who saw nothing because clouds eclipsed the eclipse!
On the 27th Adrian showed us different ways of working on photos to enhance them (post production). Also publicity shots he took for the Air Ambulance. There were some fascinating old battered photos which had been enhanced and restored, creases removed corners replaced etc. We had a discussion about how technology has moved on so rapidly. 
After the break we had members' photos of Summer, from swallowtail butterflies to St Michael's Mount, from beach to garden.
On September 10th we had a guest speaker, Bill Hall who is a member of Truro Camera Club, former member of Rolls Royce Photographic Society, international judge and award winner. His subject was Out and About. The first half was all about a trip he made to British Columbia a few years ago. There were beautiful shots of bald eagles, ospreys, black and grizzly bears and magnificent snow-capped mountains. The second half of the talk was varied including photos of Cornwall and some of winning competition entries. A very interesting and well presented morning.
A reminder to all that the Annual Photographic Competition, open to ALL members of U3A closes on October 30th. Rules are on the website and this year there is no restriction on pixel sizes. The subject this year is Cornish Legends.  Results will be given at the meeting on 12 December to which all entrants are welcome.
Chris Breach






Monthly subject mornings
Members to bring a maximum of 10 digital images of the set subject.
These will be shown in the second half of the mornings presentation.
To save time on the morning of the meeting images can also be sent by Dropbox or email to

Field Trips
All field trips are attended at members own risk.
When we visit local attractions they will have carried out their own risk assessments and you are advised to note their recomendations and act accordingly.
On other field trips to the Cornish countryside most of us are aware of trip dangers and uneven ground and the need to wear suitable footwear and clothes to suit the conditions.
Be sensible and safe. Take only photographs and leave only footprints.










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Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator