Philosophy 1:

                    The Philosophy 1 group has been meeting in and around Threemilestone since October 2007. Two of its founder members still attend.
                     The group is full at present but if you would like to join us please contact our Leader, Peter Jackson.  Peter will put you on the Waiting List.

Philosophy 2:

This group meets  every month in a member’s home in Falmouth.  Generally that’s the 3rd Tuesday at 10a.m.
Several regular members volunteer to circulate material on a chosen topic a few days before we meet, and to introduce it on the day. Here are just a few of the topics that have surfaced since the group started life in 2011:-altruism, why morals matter, can animals think?  free will, referendums, eugenics.
Nine is the average number of members, so the group is not quite full. Several members  usually go to  the nearby Gyllyngvase café for lunch after the discussion.
Jill Aburrow 07980 487008


Pub Philosophy Group:

This group was set up because there was a waiting list for membership of Philosophy 1.

Our inaugural meeting took place in February 2013 in a private room at a Feock pub. Hence our name.

We agreed with Bertrand Russell that philosophy should be studied not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions but rather for the sake of the questions themselves. Our aim would be to avoid over-intellectual theorizing. We would try to keep our feet on the ground, or at least under the pub table, and always bear in mind that however grand our theoretical ideals, if we do not practise what we preach, then it is all just humbug. If studying philosophy helps us to recognize our prejudices, then perhaps we can be more open-minded and less fixed in our opinions.

Topics that we have discussed are: ‘What makes some people seem innately good and others innately bad?’, ‘Is our jury system outdated?’,  ‘Montaigne and his essay on education’ and ‘Is competitiveness innate in us and, if so, what consequences flow from that?’

Philosophical questions that we have touched on include free will, the nature of perception, morality (are there any absolute values?), can we be truly objective or is our thinking inevitably conditioned and prejudiced? and the link between society’s moral values and the law.

As befits a pub venue, our meetings have been very lively with a high level of participation. There were ten of us at the start and our membership has been growing.

After four months we have seventeen members with four requests to join. As we cannot physically accommodate any more, we feel that we have no alternative to introducing a waiting list. Vacancies  will inevitably occur however and if you are interested in being added to our waiting list, please do not hesitate to let me know.  

We will be meeting on Thursday 5 September and the meeting on 26 September has been cancelled.

Geoff Burgess (01872) 862712




For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and locations

Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator