I should like to start an Angling Group, to embrace both Coarse and Sea Angling. I currently go coarse fishing most weeks but have done shore and boat fishing and would like to do all three again.

If you are interested please let me know, if you are a novice or beginner there will be help for you but you would need to buy tackle. In the summer months, I would like to go boat fishing from Falmouth, where tackle is provided.
I will arrange a meeting for interested members during late November. Please sign up on the Interest Lists at forthcoming monthly meetings, with your name and contact information, together with e-mail addresses where available!

David Crawford (01872) 864874




It is good to see old friends coming back out of hibernation now that the cricket field has recovered from resembling a bog at the start of the season. There are however some of the U3A mallets which it would seem have decided not to return from hibernation, if any can be found hiding in your garage would you have a word with them please. Following the extra court which we now have we can accept some more players, especially on a Friday afternoon when beginners would be particularly welcome.
Communications are the life blood of any organisation, and in our case to keep people informed as to what is happening it is by email. This system now works well, however not all people have access to emails. It is suggested that those people without access to emails arrange with a friend who has, to keep them informed, particularly when cancellation occurs due to the weather. As a database is held in order to contact people the requirements of the new THE GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS were entered into on May 25th, would those who have not replied to my email on the subject please do so in order that their contact information may be stored and used. To cut a long story short, if you don’t give permission for your data to be kept and used you will not be contacted.
Steve has now numbered all of the hoops so that they will end up in the correct boxes, in fact he is trying to number everything. I can only make the comments “that hope springs eternal…..” , and “please try harder”. John is still showing keen interest in the croquet group, for which we are extremely thankful, he can be seen during the coffee break encouraging people to hand back there milk bottle tops.
Help is needed in keeping the hoop and court holes painted, would those willing to carry out this not very onerous occasional task, which is quite pleasant on a sunny day, please contact me. If they are not painted regularly John goes nearly spare trying to find the holes when setting up the courts.

Gerald Chegwidden 01872 864741  gchegwidden@gmail.com


  Not just a Summer game!


Petanque is played on Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth on the first and third Mondays of the month throughout the year, starting at 10am till 12 noon.  We play a couple of games then break for coffee. Some members go to the Gylly Cafe others bring their own flasks. Then we have two more games. Teams are drawn with bottle tops so you never know who you will play with but we are a friendly group. You'll easily spot the large crowd just beyond the lifeguards' hut. John Bishop is the Group Leader and he can be contacted on 01872 862949


T’ai Chi Group:

Tai chi

T’AI CHI on the beach.
Our t’ai chi group is unique in several respects. We meet seven times a quarter,on Monday mornings at 9:15. (Those occasions are when U3A petanque is not to be found at their venue,so it includes the 5th Monday.) They have a dry weather base, Gyllyngvase Beach, and a wet weather base, the Princess Pavilions'  gardens.

Usually more than a dozen turn up for this gentle form of exercise. Everyone follows a leader in a chosen routine. And afterwards, nearly all go for coffee and a chat at nearby Gylly café.

Jean Yeomans has been the nominated leader for many years. Jean has expressed a willingness to step aside and I would like to thank her not only for her work with the T’ai Chi group but her contribution to our U3A and her work as a past committee member.
Jill Aburreou has kindly offered to step forward and become group leader. Jill has been guiding the sessions for some time ably assisted by Jan Baker and Annette Snell.
Why not come along and give it a go on Gyllyngvase Beach. It is a good work out for body and mind plus the joy of lovely summer mornings and bracing winter days.
Jill can be contacted by Email : j.aburreou@sky.com;




Tennis Group:

'Anyone for Tennis ?

We play from 2pm weekly on a Thursday( weather permitting).
All standards welcome. Please bring a racquet.

For further details contact Sue Corcoran on (01209) 314075.






For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and location

Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator