U3A Newsletter Policy

ORGANISATION The Newsletter is owned and published by U3A Carrick. The committee has overall responsibility for management and oversight of the newsletter. The committee appoints the editor who may or may not be a member of the committee. The chairman of the committee would not normally be the editor. The newsletter is currently published monthly but that may vary as circumstances dictate. The email address editor@u3acarrick.org.uk is set up on our website server. Emails are also automatically forwarded to the webmaster and may be considered for the website in consultation with the editor.

PURPOSE The purpose of the newsletter is to inform members about U3A Carrick activities and give members a positive feeling about our organisation.

POLICY 1. The editor's decision on all matters of content and layout is final. 2. Drafting is by the editor only. 3. The U3A Carrick Newsletter is about U3A matters. An exception is the long-running Puzzles section. There should be no third party interest material. 4. There should be no anonymous entries; there should be a contact for every item. 5. There should be no third party material that might infringe copyright or may constitute plagiarism. E.g. no 'copy and paste' from the internet or material published elsewhere. 6. Priority is to be given to items from the committee. Other material may be considered. 7. Items may be edited: to enhance readability, spelling and grammar, to correct factual inaccuracy, to fit available space, to be compatible with the newsletter's purpose. 8. Page fillers with Photos, short stories, poetry and member's small ads may be accepted where space allows.