U3A Carrick Group covers a wide-ranging area, so therefore general meetings are held in four locations.





St. Mary’s Church Hall,
Kimberley Place,

Thursday 25th April-a Representative from the Flicka Donkey Sanctuary at  Mabe will give us an insight on the work done to support donkeys in need by providing them with a safe haven. Close enough for a visit  if you are interested. One week later than usual because of Maundy Thursday.

Thursday 16th May -Mr D Pollard will sail into our meeting  to talk on the history of Maritime and Transport and recently added Cruise ships. So brace yourselves for an interesting trip, bring your life jackets for buoyancy!!



Perranwell Centre
School Hill, Perranwell Station

from June- the Norway Inn

Wednesday 3rd April -  Amanda Masters - Children's Hospice, Little Harbour
A follow-up talk  for those of us who have been members for some years and an inspiring place.

May 1st Genevive Rosier, will be speaking about the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

June 5th Ian Wilsher.  His talk is entitled 'Newspapers and their headlines of the 20th Century.

Venue The Norway Inn

TRURO: Conservative Club 2pm

Tuesday 23rd April – Police Community Talk.

Community Officers Andy Filkins and Jenny Adams will give us a talk and will be joined by the Crime Prevention Officer for West Cornwall, Gemma Drury.  We are sure this will be of interest to everyone.

Tuesday 28th May – Jayne Penlerick- Cornwall Blood Bikes

Come and join us to hear more on this essential service.


U3A meeting in Falmouth

For our March meeting "Sergeant" Steve Tribe and one of his gunners from Pendennis Castle, arrived in full Royal Artillary uniform and cast us back to March 1945, briefing their new recruits (us) on the history of the castle and the various threats it has faced. Using maps they showed us how the castle was expanded from the simple keep of Henry VIII's day, when the threat was from the French and Spanish, through the Civil War, the Napoleonic war - those French again, the Great War, when the main threat was the hundreds of U boats around our shores sinking the convoy ships and up to the present day - in 1945!  Then it was the fast German Schnellboot coming over from Cherbourg at night armed with 4 torpedoes each that had to be deterred from entering busy Falmouth harbour.
They showed us how the size and capabilities of the cannons increased over time, with the most recent guns having a range of 14.6 miles and we learned that until the Second World War the only shots fired in anger had been at the English, in the Civil War. During the last war shots were fired on 4 occasions, against the schnellboots, resulting in their turning back and with one possible sinking.
The meeting was conducted with military precision and we were also informed that if we wanted to make a group visit to the castle we would, as U3A, be counted as an educational group and be given a free guided tour. Something to think about...







U3A Carrick operates under a formal constitution, which sets out our philosophy and operational practices under which we manage our various activities and groups on a day-to-day basis across our neighbourhood districts. We operate with a formal committee structure, which includes financial management. U3A Carrick Group is registered with The UK Charity Commissioners under charity number: 1034910.


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