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Groups and individual members are cordially invited to submit ideas and proposals for performances contributing to a light-hearted Christmas entertainment on stage at Perranwell  Village Hall on Wednesday 7th at 1030 a.m., or to help with organising it, including making and serving the traditional fruit punch.    
Last year we added French chansons (“singing, to you Madam”) ,  Social Dancing and folk music to the repertoire,  and regular past contributions have included pantomime, instrumental and choral music, comedy sketches,  poetry and other recitals.
Access, stage space and  timing have their limits, so performances should ideally be self-contained, with any  props being carried on and off without having to be set up in real time, and limited to units of up to  5 minutes.  There will be a traditional ebullient compere, and any idea sent to me, no matter how off-beam,  will be welcome, preferably by Friday 26th October. 
It is planned to hold two rehearsals in the week or so before the show, timed to reduce individual performers waiting around for too long, and the whole process is light-touch and “all right on the night”.
Contact:  Andy Rendell, at     or 07899903942,  01872 862 972  


“For those interested in using the U3A Diary for 2019 please purchase your own from the U3A Website at


It's now eleven years since our late President, Tony Herring, organised the first Writing Competition in memory of Barbara Scammell, U3A Carrick founder member and President. Following the competition's success, two Creative Writing groups were formed. Since then, an annual writing competition has been organised by the Truro and Falmouth Creative Writing groups for the benefit of all members of the Carrick U3A.
It's now time to get writing for the eleventh Barbara Scammell Writing Competition. The rules are below. It is important to read them carefully before starting to write.  
1.There are three categories: Poetry, Fiction and Non-fiction, and each Member of U3A Carrick can submit up to two Poetry and two Fiction/Non-fiction entries. There is no entry charge.
2. Fiction and Non-fiction entries must be no more than 1000 words and Poetry entries no more than 40 lines, excluding the title and word/line count. Entries may be on any subject, must be the member’s own work, and should not have been previously published.
3. Entries can only be accepted by email sent to and should arrive between 1st and 30th September 2018, inclusive. If you don't have access to email, ask a fellow member, friend or family to help.
4.Images are not accepted.
5.  Entries should be sent as attachments to your email using Microsoft Word, Open Office or plain text formats. Your name should not appear in the attachments since the judges will read anonymous entries.
6. Please do not use spaces to start new lines/paragraphs in your work, as the layout often changes when using another printer or compiling the booklet of entries.
7. The body of the email needs to contain: your name, address and telephone no. and the title of each entry submitted, with the word count (Fiction/Non-fiction) or line count (Poetry).
8. You are advised check your work very carefully before submission and preferably get someone else to read it through. No amendments are accepted after submission unless the entry has been rejected, eg for being too long or submitted too early.
9. All entries may be published by the organisers in connection with the competition, eg read out or distributed in a booklet/newsletter. Authors retain copyright apart from this.
10.  The work will be judged by an independent judge. His decision shall be final.
Enquiries to: Brenda Burgess ( or 01872 862712)






newsletter delivery tea


A team of some 30 members regularly hand deliver newsletters in their area. In total nearly 300 newsletters are delivered in this way, providing a saving of around £2000 annually. Recently the committee suggested an afternoon tea for these stalwart members who generously give their time delivering each month. It was a particularly congenial gathering at the Norway Inn enabling members to meet socially.

If you would like to offer your services as a ‘post person’ in your area, please contact me.

John Whomersley
01872 858339

U3A Carrick Singers are looking for a new Musical Director when their current director, Liz Grant, moves to Norfolk at the end of May. Carrick Singers is a lively four-part community choir that has always sung a cappella, and enjoys singing a wide range of music “from Bach to Buddy”. We have always sung from music [apart from a couple of very short pieces] and would prefer that to continue, while at the same time being open to new ways of doing things......bearing in mind that the average age of the choir is probably about seventy! Currently there are over 70 signed up members of the choir [usual attendance being in the mid fifties] and we meet at Kea Community Centre in Playing Place on a Wednesday afternoon between 2.00-3.45. Over the last seven years Liz has arranged all our music for us, so we already have a substantial library of her music. This has enabled us to give  local concerts 2 or 3 times a year which have been very well received. An active Working Party deals with the day-to-day running of the choir. 
We are looking for an experienced and able musician to lead this group who are used to working hard, while at the same time having a lot of fun in rehearsals; so we would love to find someone with a great sense of humour and a lot of energy! If that’s you....... our group leader, Andrew Julian, [  ] would be delighted to hear from you.