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Obituaries in memory of Wendy Gilyott-Brown

Tribute to Wendy Gilyott-Brown
I am very sad to inform you that Wendy Gilyott-Brown has died.  She was the Group Leader of the French Conversation 2 Group.
In the early months of 2014 I joined Wendy’s Monday morning class in an endeavour to improve my ungrammatical and limited Fench conversational abilities. During the course of that first lesson I was impressed with her approach to teaching methods and as the months and years passed I realised that she was a gifted teacher combining tuition with humour and endless patience. Wendy was a wonderful raconteur and lessons were interspersed with highly amusing and graphic stories connected with her life experiences, which included teaching in a tough London school. Despite her chronic health problems she made us work hard and even set homework for us to complete.
Wendy was feisty, funny and a unique and special person. She was an enthusiastic member of the Croquet group and Carrick Bells. I know she will be sadly missed not only by myself and fellow class members but also by other members of the U3A activities she enjoyed.
Sandra Irons

Wendy Gyliot Brown

How to begin? Wendy was a lovely friend with a heart of gold.  She could be quite irascible, but underneath there was always a great sense of humour. One of my fondest memories was pushing her in a wheel chair round Asda and being shouted at, "RIGHT! TOP SHELF!, STOP! , etc, much to the amusement of other shoppers.
One of the last things I had to do as Chairman was to write thanking her for her very generous gift to u3a of a complete set of handbells. 
Our French group will miss her terribly. I think everyone would agree that she was a 'one off' and I'm so glad to have known her.
Jill Nicholls 


Wendy Gilyott-Brown

We were so sorry to learn of Wendy’s sudden death as she had such a zest for life and when she was well enjoyed all her activities to the full.Wendy was born in Pennance Road in Falmouth and after a career teaching in various places she returned to Pennance Road to live.From the moment Wendy joined Carrick Bells she was an enthusiastic member of the group,
both playing and conducting from her early days with the group and attending ‘ring around’ sessions with other groups.Apart from her beloved cat, Lysander, jigsaws and amazing knitting Wendy loved going to open gardens, eating out, her French groups, croquet, carpet bowls and of course, Carrick Bells.

We will never forget her laughter and wicked sense of humour and just wish she had longer to enjoy all she did in Cornwall.

Carrick Bell Group