Late News:

Scramble for scrabble.
The attempt to foster interest in a scrabble group in our previous newsletter fell largely on deaf ears. So, after talking with the interested parties we have revisited and revised the scheme.
Wendy Pascoe has kindly offered to be the initial lead and  point of contact on our revised format. We will play the standard scrabble game everyone knows and the U3A have about 7 or 8 scrabble boards available. Everyone from absolute beginners to Olympic hopefuls will be welcome!
Wendy has approached the Threemilestone  Community Centre and  discussed provisional arrangements which will of course require agreement from the committee. The group will meet on the second Tuesday of each month starting next year on 9TH January.
For the second time of asking please contact  Wendy by Email or telephone to express an interest as the committee will only sanction this once they know the numbers involved.
Contact details for Wendy:  Email-;    Tel. 01872 275840.


I am a relatively newcomer to Cornwall and as I am partially sighted with macular disease I have done a lot of walking. I have been impressed with the amount of wrought iron work , gates and other decorative iron work. There are also some fun designs in contemporary cold steel work, probably made to order.
I cannot see to draw or take photos or to refer to the Cornwall resources  library  in Redruth  
I wondered if there was anyone else with a similar interest  in wrought iron work..

Thank you
Best wishes,

Ann Johnson     

Tel 01326 617 582