Further to my note in the August Newsletter, I have received a few more expressions of interest in possible conversation groups in various languages, notably German beginners and Italian, but not from anyone prepared to lead such groups.  I have not heard from enough people interested in the more advanced German conversation group which I was prepared to lead to make it as yet viable.
However, those interested in practising their conversational language skills may like to know of the Café Polyglot, which has been going for some years in Falmouth, meeting at the Dolly's on Thursday evenings, from 7.30 p.m., and which has now also started up in Truro, meeting on Wednesday evenings, from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Wine Barrel, 18 Old Bridge Street.  Members of the U3A French and Spanish conversation groups have been involved in setting this up.  Anyone is welcome to these to practise chatting in Spanish, French, German, Italian, or possible other languages, to other learners or with native speakers.  For further information tel. 01872 277928 or 271757.  See also the Facebook page at

Sue Mills  Tel: 01326 722948; email:



French Conversation:

Picture by Alison Mandeville

The French Conversation Group meets at the Railway Tavern in Truro on Tuesday mornings.
It starts promptly at 10.30 until 12md.
The venue is on a bus route and there is some parking,
This is a self supporting group and a knowledge of basic French is required although you don’t have to be good to enjoy the conversation.
For further details contact:

Sue Corcoran


French Film Group:

The next French film will be on Tuesday May 21 at 4 P.M at Feock Church hall. (Please note earlier date to one previously advertised)
We tend to alternate light hearted and more serious films. The last one, ‘Beautiful lies’ was a comedy starring Audrey Tautou in which one little lie spirals into a most embarrassing situation for a hairdresser who only wants her mum to be happy in love. 
The next film is not a comedy! It is called ‘les diaboliques’ an iconic black and white 1955 classic with Simone Signoret, Véra Clouzot and Paul Meurisse. It takes place in a boarding school where the plot of a ‘ménage à trois’ makes for an increasing sense of dread. Les diaboliques has been compared to the films of Alfred Hitchcock. It is one of the most acclaimed films by the famous French director Henri-Georges Clouzot.



My email address is:
Telephone number: 01872 273333

French for Beginners?:

We have some members seeking to join a beginners' class to study French at an initial level. Is there a competent member who might be able to lead such a class of beginners out there? Contact initially with John Skelton on (01872) 865316 if you could be interested!

French Reading Group

We have three or four members who would like to start a French reading group and would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in joining them. The idea would be to meet monthly, probably in Devoran, and to discuss the chosen book also in French. If you are interested please contact Berra Brooker on 01209 697243.


A German Language Group?

Since my initial notice in May about a possible German language group, to date I have only received two or three enquiries, so could be prepared to widen the group’s remit. 

If anyone is interested in any form of German conversation group, beyond just beginners, please contact me for an initial discussion.  If there are more than 5 we could perhaps meet in a café in Truro to discuss possible options.

Sue Mills  (01326) 722948 or Mobile (07941) 422309

Spanish beginners.

This group has just started and is designed so that any u3a member can attend at any time. It is not a course that needs to be followed week by week, so it does not matter if you miss weeks or join once the group is already running. It meets in Falmouth on Thursday mornings from 10 till 12. For further information contact Pat Dye on 07904 113804 or at

Hablemos Español:

The Spanish conversation group meets every Thursday for Spanish chat and language learning, varied by trips this year to tapas restaurants, cafe polyglot in Falmouth and even a Spanish play.   Members of the group take it in turns to host meetings and plan the session - with the emphasis on having fun while trying to speak Spanish throughout our time together!

December 7th Christmas lunch. Contact Harry Nicholls if you would like to join us for this tapas lunch with conversation mainly in English.

December 14th final session before Christmas.

January 11th New Year restart.


Two views of the Spanish Conversation group -

Christmas tapas

enjoying a pre-Christmas tapas lunch at The Wharf Spanish restaurant in Penryn and

Don Quixote

01209 860380;





For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and location

Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator