My attempt to get something started with an ad back in May wasn't terribly successful (3 responses) but I thought it worth another go in the next newsletter.  So, if anyone is interested in a home-based group (as per e.g. the Spanish conversation group) then I would consider trying to start one again and initially am happy to discuss it with anyone who might be interested.  They can ring me (Brendan Saunders Martin) on 01872 862164 or 07870 798046  contact me on  

Further to my note in the August Newsletter, I have received a few more expressions of interest in possible conversation groups in various languages, notably German beginners and Italian, but not from anyone prepared to lead such groups.  I have not heard from enough people interested in the more advanced German conversation group which I was prepared to lead to make it as yet viable.
However, those interested in practising their conversational language skills may like to know of the Café Polyglot, which has been going for some years in Falmouth, meeting at the Dolly's on Thursday evenings, from 7.30 p.m., and which has now also started up in Truro, meeting on Wednesday evenings, from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Wine Barrel, 18 Old Bridge Street.  Members of the U3A French and Spanish conversation groups have been involved in setting this up.  Anyone is welcome to these to practise chatting in Spanish, French, German, Italian, or possible other languages, to other learners or with native speakers.  For further information tel. 01872 277928 or 271757.  See also the Facebook page at

Sue Mills  Tel: 01326 722948; email:

French Conversation:

Picture by Alison Mandeville

The Truro French Conversation meets on Tuesday mornings at 11.00 at St. George's Church Hall in Truro.  At present it is rather full, so if any new member is interested please contact the convener (details below) to discuss going on a waiting list. 


Sue Corcoran


French Conversation 2:

This very happy, hard-working group came together at the end of February, earlier this year. The six members had mostly forgotten their school French and wanted to extend the knowledge that they had gleaned from trips to France.   Fifteen sessions later, they can all express themselves with confidence, using the present and past tenses.

Enjoyment is the apparent name of the game, but belies a great deal of serious work and determined effort before arrival. Having said that, the individual member does what she can, when she can. Nothing is compulsory.

A small group of six ladies has proven advantageous as everyone can be regularly heard. Anyone unable to attend means that more time can obviously be devoted to fewer members, this being helpful in clarifying uncertainties.

Although Cornish, my French is generally regarded as acceptable, having lived for four and a half years in French-speaking countries. After forty-three years of teaching, I never imagined that I would start up again during retirement. My group meets every Monday morning in my home in Falmouth. What joy these sessions bring! The sense of achievement is so rewarding!

As a consequence, I am considering starting a second group later in the year, if anyone is interested. (see below!). I can comfortably accommodate six people, but more importantly, this number allows for considerable individual attention, which means having "a lot of bottle"!

Contact Wendy Gilyott-Brown (01326) 316084 for any further information:


French Conversation 3:

French Conversation 3 has now started - with great gusto. The group meets in my home in Falmouth, every Thursday morning, for two hours, from 10:30 am.

There is room for one more person. If interested, do contact me to find out the level of French involved. Contact Wendy Gilyott-Brown (01326) 316084 for any further information:


French Film Group:

Tony Herring our President has decided to step down as group leader due to diminishing numbers and more importantly his own health in recent times. Tony has steadfastly guided this group (just one of many) a long time and unless someone is prepared to step forward he is closing the group down.

French for Beginners?:

We have some members seeking to join a beginners' class to study French at an initial level. Is there a competent member who might be able to lead such a class of beginners out there? Contact initially with John Skelton on (01872) 865316 if you could be interested!


A German Language Group?

Since my initial notice in May about a possible German language group, to date I have only received two or three enquiries, so could be prepared to widen the group’s remit. 

If anyone is interested in any form of German conversation group, beyond just beginners, please contact me for an initial discussion.  If there are more than 5 we could perhaps meet in a café in Truro to discuss possible options.

Sue Mills  (01326) 722948 or Mobile (07941) 422309


Hablemos Español:

The Spanish conversation group meets every Thursday for Spanish chat and language learning, varied by trips this year to tapas restaurants, cafe polyglot in Falmouth and even a Spanish play.   Members of the group take it in turns to host meetings and plan the session - with the emphasis on having fun while trying to speak Spanish throughout our time together!


Two views of the Spanish Conversation group -

Christmas tapas

enjoying a pre-Christmas tapas lunch at The Wharf Spanish restaurant in Penryn and

Don Quixote

on the stage set of Don Quixote, a Spanish language educational production by a touring group from Spain, on their annual visit to Truro College.
We do spend most of our time happily conversing and drinking coffee in members' homes but, as you see, we also like to get out and about occasionally.
If you are up to the level of basic conversational Spanish do come and join us, just for a taster if you wish. Please contact Harry Nicholls on 01209 860380.

Spanish Conversation final session before the summer break will be Thursday 27th July and re-starting Thursday 7th September.
Harry Nicholls.
01209 860380;





For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and location

Richard Allen Groups coordinator