Calling all U3A bridge players! We have had two teams entering for this new duplicate bridge knockout competition. They are The Bridgemates, and The Poker Stars. Are they being allowed to go straight through to the final?  You can prevent this by entering a team of your own by the end of September. Just four players are needed for a team.

Please get in touch with me for further details. John Dearman 01326 318630

Improve Your Bridge -

Weekly on Mondays 10am – 11am at members’ homes.  John Dearman (01326) 318630

Bridge Workshop - Progress

The 25 week Bridge Workshop course, designed for improvers and those returning to the game has now concluded. Support for this class was exceptional with 28 players registered and an average attendance of over 22.
As a result of this strong support the group has, 'en bloc' continued as a weekly playing group. We now open at 1.30 p.m. regularly every Friday and start play as soon as the room has been arranged. We play Chicago and, with a tea break, continue until 4.00 p.m. The West Room can accommodate 7/8 tables and there are a few seats available should you be interested in joining us. In the first instance please contact me, Malcolm Parker on 01872863170.




Bridge Online:

Here is news from U3A Carrick’s tiniest group. It’s about a game played by more members than any other, I would guess.

A couple of Sundays ago I logged on to the Acol  Club on the BridgeBase website, and saw that Dave Crawford was just starting a table going, with his usual partner. So I joined his table to be sociable. Mistake! That meant I could get as partner anyone in the world who favoured the Acol system. It turned out to be someone whom on past experience I had marked to avoid.

My loss was Dave’s gain. After four quiet hands, my partner and I crashed with six clubs down one, many other tables making six spades. Then we failed to reach game with a combined 26 point count. Out of the 16 tables,13 made three no trump.

At that point I left the table, gracefully I hope. I have sent Dave details  of both the catastrophic hands as a souvenir.

An advantage of playing online is that afterwards, you can look at every bid made and every card played at all sixteen tables. That particular Sunday, I was happy to forget that.

John Dearman (01326) 318630

Rubber Bridge:

The Monday morning Rubber Bridge has now moved from the Kernow Club to the Railway Tavern (on the right hand side as you enter the railway forecourt). The room there is very pleasant and the bar staff made us very welcome. There is a free car park beside the main entrance with more parking spaces round the back. There is also a Park and Ride bus stop just across the road. We intend to continue there each Monday morning from 10am till noon. At the moment we average about 12 players each week, but we hope the numbers will increase now parking is easier.
  John Mollard (01326 374811) is the leader, and you can contact him if you have any questions about the group.



CHESS continues at Chiswell, Trehaddle Cusgarne TR4 8RN

at 2pm on Monday afternoons.

Ernest Perry01872 870526


Discussion Group One:

Gill Widdison is now the leader, and it meets in members' homes once a month.

Contact Gill for details.




This group meetsin Falmouth, on the first Tuesday of the month

The format is that group members supply questions, which are drawn out at random. These are generally topical, but don’t have to be. The group is prone to stray from the subject. “Remind me, what question are we on?” is heard more than once most mornings.

After its summer break, Discussion Group 2 will resume on September 6th at the new start time of 10:30 a.m. Quite a bit has happened since we last met. The meeting should be fun.

Philosophy 2 ,which has a waiting list, has continued through the summer. From this month onwards, its start time will also change to 10:30a.m.

Several members of the groupcusually go to  the Gylly café for lunch after the discussion. All are welcome.


John Dearman 01326 318630

Discussion Group 3

10.30 Discussion Group 3 Leader's Home Please contact leader for details.
on Second Tuesday of the month. No meetings in June, July and August but will begin again in September.

Robin Waddling 01326 318528 or



Euchre -

Would you like to try a new Whist-like Card Game?

On the second Monday evening each month, at 7.30pm at Oak Tree Farm, Bissoe. Beginners encouraged!
Please telephone John Bishop to register your interest!




This Chinese game is played not with cards but with a fascinating array of tiles. We play twice a month at Budock Parish Church Vestry (TR11 5BZ) that’s the second and fourth Fridays, at 2pm. You can simply turn up and you will get plenty of friendly help in learning to play. It is a game  for four players but you play your own hand independently: no partner to keep happy, and you don't need a good memory. There is no need to contact me before coming for the very first time, but if you prefer, a learning session can be arranged ahead  of attending a group session.

Following a vote on whether to remain at Perranwell Church Hall or return to Budock Vestry, it was decided by the majority to stay where we are. There is plenty of room so if you would like to join us we meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays at 1.30pm until 4.00pm at Perranwell Church Hall. Mahjong is a simple game with more complicated scoring (but you’ll soon pick it up) and Chinese rituals, a bit like rummy with attitude. We are a friendly bunch so come and have a try.

Chris Breach 01872 862063



We are a small, but enthusiastic, group and we would love to see any new members who are attracted to this art form - napkins, aeroplanes, animals, flowers, geometric solids to name just a few projects we have done in the past. If you would like to consider this activity, please contact me on the phone number below and I can give you more information. We meet at my house in Truro on the second Tuesday of the month from 2 to 4 o'clock and you would be made very welcome. Don't worry if you have not done it before as we can soon get you folding like an expert! More members would make for lighter work so, if you are interested, do give me a call or send an e-mail if you need directions or more details.

Although small in numbers, the group are very keen and have just embarked on making card models of geometrical solids (with long Latin names!). We would be very happy to welcome any new members - do not worry if you have never done it before, we are very friendly and will help you every step of the way. Please ring the number below for more details. We meet on the second Tuesday of gthe month from 2 to 4 p.m. at the leader's home in Truro.
Roy Coglan 01872 274328



We hold a friendly tournament most months, but numbers, ideally 7 to 9, have been a bit thin this summer. So if you want to try this easy-to learn card game, which does not require a good memory, you will be even more warmly welcomed than usual.

We hold a friendly tournament nearly every month. Numbers range from five to nine people. More than ten and we should have to split up into two tables. That's only happened once so far.

Our standard time of meeting is now the fourth Thursday of the month, at 2pm, in Falmouth. It takes only a few minutes to learn the basics. No money changes hands. Tea money provides the wherewithal for a small tournament prize for the following month.

You can get the flavour of the game at the 25th Anniversary celebration on June 3rd. Play online for a few minutes with my help.


A special pre-Christmas tournament will be held in the Wild West of Falmouth during the afternoon of December 22nd. If you are curious  about this easy-to-learn game, get in touch with me.

The only money that will change hands is tea money. But there will be a prize for the winner and runner-up. The first to lose all their chips has to make the tea.

John Dearman
01326 318630



Quiz Group -

The Victoria Inn, Threemilestone:

We meet at the Victoria Inn, Threemilestone at 2:00 pm on the second Thursday of the month

The group has been omitted from the events calendar this month. They meet every month on the second Thursday at Victoria Inn, Threemilestone at 14.00 hours, but they will not meet in August.


Roy Fisher




There have been U3A Scrabble groups in the past, but sadly they folded.

We have several sets available for use by a new group.  If anyone is willing to start a new group, please contact Tony Herring

Whist Group.

John Robinson, the Group Leader aided by Susan Endacott are seeking new members to ensure the group remains in a healthy and viable position. They currently have a hard core of mainly local ladies who enjoy the social gathering as much as playing and would love to meet new members and make new friends. No matter what your skill level is, from absolute beginners to more experienced players, they will encourage you through.
Come along and give it a go at the Britannia Inn, near the bus station in Truro, starting at 1.45 every Friday afternoon. 
If you are interested, please email or phone me on 01872 870991 so that I can inform Susan before you arrive.
Richard Allen (Groups Co-ordinator)




For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and location

Richard Allen Groups coordinator