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St Mary’s Church Rooms – TR11 3PR

U3A Carrick Group cover a wide ranging area, embracing both Truro and Falmouth centres. Since there is a lack of large meeting places within the district, the U3A determined a need to provide three separate locations for our monthly gatherings.


At the September Falmouth meeting, Rob Johnsey, a retired schoolteacher,told us about his time as a Volunteer with village schools in Uganda. It was part of a "lively minds" project, and he helped the local school teachers to widen the interests of the local youngsters. He talked to the parents, and discussed  such matters as compost making. The organisation behind these visits also advises on serious heath issues such as malaria prevention.

Roger Hooper
Roger Hooper speaker at Falmouth


At the Falmouth Meeting on June 21st, the "Turn to Starboard" team came along and showed us their recent film about a sail round the British Isles with a crew of disabled ex-servicemen. Don Fielding provided a commentary and answered questions about their organisation. They are based on Falmouth Marina and have two sailing ships . They provide outings for disabled servicemen and their families and are clearly doing a good job, helping injured service men with their rehabilitation.

Dan Fieldin Turn to Starboard







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