Fourth Friday, Falmouth:

An informal coffee group meeting monthly, in Falmouth, for conversation, finding out about other groups and making friends. Just turn up, no need to book and don't worry if you're late! Numbers vary but typically are about a dozen.
We like to vary where we go a bit. It might be the Palicio Lounge on the Moor, or The Shed in Events Square. Or one of several others. Find out by looking in the Newsletter. Or ring the group leader if coming for the first time, so that she can look out for you.


Norma Duffy
01326 318630


Film & Lunch, Falmouth:


Seasonal Films

Lunch and Film Falmouth


After the usual  light lunch, drink and chat , all for £9.95!
See you at the Pheonix cinema Falmouth at 12 noon.
Inform me if you are joining us as numbers are given to staff 3days prior to event.

Our next film is a comedy

Move over Darling on Thursday 21st June

See you there,  

Contact: Bren Button 01326 218904 /  07931 235633


Gourmet Dining:

The Gormet Dining Group is now under new leadership. They meet on the first Tuesday of alternate months. If interested, please contact

Tony Clark 01326 372995 AClarkAMC@aol.com



It's the end of our first calendar year for First Saturday. Spawned from Second Saturday when it got too large to fit into any Truro pub or restaurant on our casual 'Just turn up,' basis, I haven't given the group much publicity this year so our numbers have held steady in the middle teens. However, we would now welcome a few additional members.

We meet for a sociable lunch on the First Saturday of every month, but we're not just a lunch group; members attending lunch commit to regularly attending our additional events, and occasionally organising one. The lunch is where events are circulated. Over the nine months we've been in existence, members of the group have organised thirty additional events, mainly at the Hall for Cornwall and the Truro Plaza, with a few further afield such as at the Falmouth Poly, Minnack and Bodmin. In previous years, when we were part of Second Saturday, we also arranged trips to London and Paris.


(Because of capacity issues, this group is mutually exclusive with Second Saturday, ie you can only attend one of the groups.)

Dave Neale, 01872 320107 dave.neale@btinternet.com



Our March meeting will be held in the upstairs restaurant at the Hall for Cornwall  at 12noon on Saturday March 10th. All welcome who would like to support or organise events such as cinema, theatre, garden or art gallery visits or anything of interest in the company of others over lunch or coffee.
Jill Mooney  01326 212637  jillmooney@hotmail.com



Third Thursday, Truro:


Third Thursday, Truro

 We have settled in to our new venue, Spires at Haven House, Quay Street, Truro and where made most welcome. It has to be said that we missed our previous organiser Margaret Auckland very much. She has been the lynchpin of this group for this few years and has made many, many new members very welcome and will still be attending I am happy to say.

Come and join this very friendly group for coffee and chat at Spires Coffee Shop, Quay Street, Truro on Thurs 15th February.

Julia Holme. 01872 273063. Julia.holme@btinternet.com


town crier

Members of the Third Thursday Group were joined by the Town Crier at their meeting over coffee at Spires Coffee Shop in Truro last Thursday.


Julia Holme julia.holme@btinternet.com


Sunday Lunch:

Lunch at Mannings in Truro




F E E D   -   Falmouth Early Evening Dinners


We are now up and running. We have had dinners in January and February. Details of the March dinner will soon be published.I am sure we could take a few more diners if anyone else is interested; please contact me if more information is needed.


Contact details :

Tony Clark     01326 372995     AClarkAMC@aol.com




Wine Tasting:

Last Tuesday each month at Leader's Home, 7.30-9.00pm. Rosemary Richards (01872) 275739 for further information.



Check out our Google Calendar - Use the tab on our Home Page to check dates, times and locations!

Richard Allen Groups coordinator