Social Dancing:


New leader Jim White

The Social Dancing Group 
“Wishes a very Happy New Year to you all”.
“I’ve got 2 left feet”, ............ “What me! I can’t dance”.
How many of you have uttered those words and talked yourselves out of even trying to dance.  
Some of our group members had even said it in past, but proved themselves wrong.
We can show you that you do have a right foot as well as a left foot and with a little help you can dance.  Plus you can have a lot of fun while doing it.
We have members of our group (men and women) willing to show you some steps and dances to get you started.
We may never reach the Strictly standard (and do any of us really want to), but we do enjoy ourselves and we are a very friendly social group.
Give yourself the confidence to dance around the floor instead of just shuffling your feet.
We can show you some sequence dances and some of the ballroom steps, but you have to take the initial step and come along to Perrenwell Hall.  Mondays  1:30pm.
If you have any questions then .......... email, text or phone.
Jim White,   07702 323705,      jimofcornwall@gmail.com


Videos of dances Ballroom Waltz

Ballroom Waltz

Samba Walks Line Dance

Samba Walks




Cornish Dancing - Dons Kernewek:

There is so much to learn in Cornish dancing and we always have plenty to do at our weekly sessions. Lately we have been thinking about dances for future displays and practising some of our more complex, challenging dances, such as Spirit Spriggan, Cornish Knight and Cornish Squire.   We are finding that they are steadily coming together as long as we remember to concentrate!  We are constantly trying improve our footwork while remembering that the positioning of our arms as well as our feet is important for the way the dance looks to those watching.        

The more experienced members love to help our newer dancers and we never lose sight of the fact that we are all learning together, helping each other and having lots of fun along the way.   

We meet weekly at 2 - 4 p.m. on Thursdays in Falmouth at St Mary's Church Hall but will be away giving a display on 23rd November.   


First session of 2018 will be on 4th January 

Our visit to Crossroads Care Home at Scorrier went off very well. The home was decorated for Christmas and the atmosphere was happy and festive.  Together with the Aggie Folk Band, we treated the residents to a varied programme of dances and Christmas music, which was well received by the lively audience. Residents joined in with percussion accompaniment and hand clapping, while some even had a go at dancing along with us. One lady commented that the entertainment was "superb!" and I think we all felt happy to have been able to give so much pleasure. Our special thanks go to the Aggie Folk Band for their musical accompaniment,  which gave such a lift to the entertainment and inspired us to give of our best.

dancing at scorrier accompaniment



We are already looking forward to dancing our way through 2018.  Starting on January 4th, we shall be meeting on Thursday afternoons at 2 p.m. and  we hope to welcome more new members to share our enjoyment of Cornish dancing, fun, friendship and plenty of cups of tea. 


Sue Prout 01326 372761



We enjoyed giving our performance onstage at Perranwell Open Day. We performed three dances - Bolingey Furry, Causeway Head and Newlyn Fishermen's Reel. We hope they gave those watching a flavour of the great variety of types of dance that Cornish dancing has to offer. We were especially grateful to Liz and Andy for their lively musical accompaniment, which really added to everyone's enjoyment. For Cornish dancers, the music is always a very important element - there are some wonderful tunes that set everyone's feet tapping.     

Cornish Dancing Cornish dancing Cornish dancing
A demonstration of Cornish Dancing at Perranwell village hall.

Whether we are learning a new dance, or practising old favourites, one thing is certain - we always have plenty of fun. There is lots of laughter at our sessions, as this month's picture shows. Our group caters for people with all levels of experience, and no experience at all.  New members are always welcome, and need have no worries about making mistakes - we all do it.  After all, that's how we learn. The main thing about our dancing is that we enjoy learning.

Sue Prout 01326 372761




Line Dancing:

Line Dancing 6:30 Fri eve. on 5, 22 & 29 Sep at Feock Ch Hall

line dancing


line dancing


Tea &Coffee are available at 7.15 approx with a chance of a chat.
All members are welcome.(or potential members).
 Ron Bunyon.   01209 860811.  archerbunyon@talktalk.net

Rock and Roll

ROCK AND ROLL Rock and Roll will start again in the New Year. Please note the change of venue and day. We are moving to the Parish Rooms at Pulla Cross, which has a lovely floor for dancing, free heating and wi-fi, a large car park, and has to be the cheapest hall to hire in the area. I hope the committee are impressed. We are changing to Wednesday evenings, same time, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., and hope that those people who couldn't make Tuesdays will be able to join us. Our dates will be 31st January, 14th & 28th February, 14th & 28th March, 11th & 25th April and 9th May. Sue and Ray Hutt


Sue and Ray
sueandray21@btinternet.com     01872864494


Check out our Google Calendar - Use the tab on our Home Page to check dates, times and locations!!

Richard Allen Groups coordinator