Social Dancing:

An afternoon of fun, and exercise for the body and mind - this is what you'll find at the social dancing group on Mondays, where you can meet a very friendly bunch of people.

The afternoon at Perran-ar-worthal Village Hall begins promptly at 1.30pm with a dance lesson until 2pm. Then there is general dancing until 4pm, with a short break for tea and biscuits.

The dance programme is roughly a 50/50 split between ballroom/latin and sequence dancing. We aim to cover all the traditional styles of dance over a 4-week period, accompanied by a wide range of good music.

All ages and abilities are welcome - we were all beginners once, so don’t be scared to come and have a go!

Unfortunately, we are unable to have the use of the hall on Monday 30th September, so there is no dancing that week.

Name :-  Alyson Cowlishaw
Email  :-  alyson@atropica.co.uk
Phone :-  0770280801



Videos of dances Ballroom Waltz

Ballroom Waltz

Samba Walks Line Dance

Samba Walks




Cornish Dancing - Dons Kernewek:

"Dancing could be the best exercise of all to get maximum brain benefit!" These were the words of the presenter of the programme, "The Truth About Getting Fit", shown recently on BBC1. The programme also examined the health advantages of running and cycling but concluded that, for physical benefits plus enhancement of brain function, dancing came out on top. 

Roseland parc

Dons Kernewek Cornish dance group weekly sessions start again at 2 - 4 p.m. on Thursday 12th September. Until further notice, the venue will be the Athenaeum Club, Falmouth.

Although some of us choose to wear taps, they are not essential for Cornish dancing - almost any comfortable footwear will do. Previous experience is not at all necessary either, as all the dances are taught and there is plenty of support for beginners. Neither is it necessary to be super-fit; we have our share of aches and pains but we find that dancing improves our general wellbeing and helps each of us keep as fit as we can be.  Our sessions always include a break when we sit down for a cup of tea and a chat, so there is plenty of chance to make friends.  

Our group gave a dance display at Roseland Parc, Tregony, in July.  As our programme of dances that day included the Helston Furry Dance we decided to add big hats to our usual black and white attire.  Helston Furry is of course famously performed annually in the streets of Helston on Flora Day in May.  The mid-day performance is danced by ladies wearing long frocks, hats and evening gloves, with their partners dressed equally smartly. We all enjoyed dancing to live music by Aggie Folk and bringing, we hoped, a little taste of Flora Day to the residents of Roseland Parc.

Another aspect of Flora Day is the Hal an Tow, a colourful street entertainment whose origins go back a long way into the past. This year two of our group members were lucky enough to be able to take part in it, dancing and singing dressed in green leaves and flowery head dresses, and generally having a wonderful time.  Learning Cornish dance opens up all kinds of opportunities to take part in different events and activities and to meet new friends through our common interest in the dance, the culture and the history of Cornwall. 

hal an tow




Sue Prout 01326 372761

dance dance dance
Cape Cornwall Dance





Line Dancing:

Line Dancing 6:30 Fri evening at Feock Ch Hall

line dancing


line dancing


Tea &Coffee are available at 7.15 approx with a chance of a chat.
All members are welcome.(or potential members).
 Ron Bunyon.   01209 860811.  archerbunyon@talktalk.net

Rock and Roll

ROCK AND ROLL Rock and Roll will start again in the New Year. Please note the change of venue and day. We are moving to the Parish Rooms at Pulla Cross, which has a lovely floor for dancing, free heating and wi-fi, a large car park, and has to be the cheapest hall to hire in the area. I hope the committee are impressed. We are changing to Wednesday evenings, same time, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., and hope that those people who couldn't make Tuesdays will be able to join us. Sue and Ray Hutt

sueandray21@btinternet.com     01872864494


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Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator