The Committee, meeting on Saturday, 5th January, decided on the following arrangements for our 2019 AGM.
The AGM will be held on Wednesday, 24th April at the Perranwell Centre.
The usual annual reports and the calls for nominations for the Committee, as well as for the submission of any Motions, will appear in the March newsletter.

They wished to remind members that our Constitution allows voting only in person at the AGM and that the meeting will conduct only that business advised with due notice to members, i.e. the agenda will not include Any Other Businesss.

Your committee has tried to work in an open and inclusive way throughout this past year. They hope to conduct the AGM in a similar, positive manner. If you have any concerns which you may wish to discuss beforehand, please feel free to contact me or our Chairman or any committee member.

Harry Nicholls, General Secretary.

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