Improve Your Bridge -

This small group meets at a member’s home in Falmouth on a Monday morning. The size has to be limited to five players at a time because the counsellor (group leader) can only cope with one table, and the players don’t want to spend lengthy time sitting out. So to expand numbers would need a second meeting at some other time in the week.
The format is usually that the first five or six hands are those that the group leader has experienced the previous week. So players can see how they fared compared with what had already happened at 16 other tables around the world. For the rest of the time we deal out fresh hands, and may briefly examine each one when play of the hand is complete.
Players are always welcome to bring up a particular bridge topic. If you think you would enjoy coming along occasionally, get in touch with me.




Bridge Online:

You can’t really call this a group, because it never meets. The idea  is to help  U3A bridge players to make a start with playing online--those that want to try it out. And if they find they like it, they will probably find they can get  a U3A partner for the occasional session.
The big advantage of online bridge is that you can decide to play on the spur of the moment, and for as short a period as you like. You can be allocated a partner from anyone anywhere who happens to go online when you do. But most English people play the Acol system, so they would choose to go to the Acol section of one of the Bridge websites. Or just phone up your favourite partner in case they fancy a few hands.
Many of us think another big advantage of playing online is that you can look again, at leisure, at the hands you have just played. That’s not to everyone’s taste. But you can learn a lot from looking at how a seemingly impossible contract was made at one of the other tables.

Rubber Bridge:

The Monday morning Rubber Bridge meets at The Central Bar, St Mary's Street, Truro each Monday morning from 10am till noon.

This venue was formerly known as the British Legion but is under new management.

  John Mollard (01326 374811) is the leader, and you can contact him if you have any questions about the group.



CHESS continues at Chiswell, Trehaddle Cusgarne TR4 8RN

at 2pm on Monday afternoons.

Ernest Perry01872 870526



Euchre -

Would you like to try a new Whist-like Card Game?

On the second Monday evening each month, at 7.30pm at Oak Tree Farm, Bissoe. Beginners encouraged!
Please telephone John Bishop to register your interest! 01872 862949



This Chinese game is played not with cards but with a fascinating array of tiles. We play twice a month at Perranwell Church Hall, that’s the second and fourth Fridays, at 1.30 pm until 4pm. You can simply turn up and you will get plenty of friendly help in learning to play. It is a game  for four players but you play your own hand independently: no partner to keep happy, and you don't need a good memory. There is no need to contact me before coming for the very first time, but if you prefer, a learning session can be arranged ahead  of attending a group session.
Mahjong is a simple game with more complicated scoring (but you’ll soon pick it up) and Chinese rituals, a bit like rummy with attitude. We are a friendly bunch so come and have a try.

Chris Breach 01872 862063



For all activities, please check our Google Calendar to confirm dates, times and location

Pat Harrod & Wendy MorrisGroups coordinator