As an active group, affiliated to the Third Age Trust, we aim to provide a focal point for academic, social and recreational interests through the operation of activity groups, details of which may be tracked via the 'Groups' tab. Wherever possible, our various groups or activities generally are led by U3A members, although outside tutors or specialists may be brought in from time to time, to supplement the wealth of knowledge that already exists in our midst.

We hold monthly general meetings,details of which are set out under the 'Meetings' tab. At each of these gatherings, a short business session is generally followed by a guest speaker, on a topic of general or local interest. Each April, our main monthly meeting is designated as our AGM whilst in December, we entertain and are entertained in the festive manner.

We operate to a Constitution, defined by our Committee and approved by The Charity Commisioners as a part of our registered charitable status. Please use this link, should you wish to read or download a copy of our U3A Carrick Constitution.

U3A Carrick Group is one of well over 800 groups, affiliated to the Third Age Trust, based in Bromley, Kent, our central coordinating organisation, providing many support and resource services and which also forms a vital link between the national U3As and Government. Nominal annual membership subscriptions (presently £23.00) are paid by our U3A members, of which a small part comprises a Capitation Fee, supporting the Third Age Trust, with around 80% remaining to fund the multitude of our local groups' activities. U3A Carrick presently has approximately 630 active members.

The Third Age Trust publish both 'U3A News' and 'U3A Sources' quarterly, which, for a nominal fee you may opt for home posting. The Third Age Trust run an National Conference each year, at different locations, generally each September, to which all U3A groups are invited to send delegates to network with other groups, share news and presentations offered by the Trust for the benefit of group members.

You are invited to review the Third Age Trust page elsewhere on this website.

Our policy and procedures for sorting out problems and grievances is contained in the document "Sorting Out Problems and Grievances" .

Group Leaders' information pack

Committee Job Descriptions


U3A Carrick Group is a Registered Charity - No. 1034910